Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tiny Retirement Dream

I watched a documentary called Tiny: A Story about Living Small, and, of course, I now must have a tiny house!!  But, actually, it’s got me to thinking, seriously, about retiring early from the Foreign Service, hitching a tiny house to a truck, and just travelling the US. 

 What do I actually need in this world that I can’t fit into a tiny house?  … my bike, my kindle, and my cat, Mayling Dynasty.  I could make the rounds, see Todd, Steph, Eli and Noah every fall for the Jackson Hole ski season; dip down to the southern beaches during the winter and spring, and visit the Johnsons of NY in the summer.  

I think it’s the most brilliant plan I’ve had all week!

The soonest I can retire from State is June 2022; not that I don’t love my job… I do!  I would just rather be on my bike, with miles of smooth, uncluttered road in front of me, and the Velodrone Playlist blasting through my headphones. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goodbye Mary Blueberry

We finally made it to China (where I hope to master speaking English with the perfect Chinese accent)  We're just getting comfortable, and now Mary is leaving me, next week, to live in the US with her grandparents, and work on HER dream of establishing a social network completely devoid of anyone speaking English as a second language.

We've had a good run, kid...

you've seen beautiful places...

 made new friends...


and now you're going to break your momma's heart!  I’m kind of freaking out about that, and I suspect I’ll need to adjust my social calendar for all the time I’ll be spending in the corner of my bedroom, curled up in the fetal position, and crying like a baby.

I’m going to miss that little girl!  I’ll miss torturing her with embarrassment, the way that only a parent can… and I’ll miss the way we make each other laugh until we cry.  I won’t miss cleaning up after her, or the awful smell of her constant farting!  I’ll kind of miss the way she tortures the cat, though.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Big Gas (Big Ass) Move

Drove to FL, with all of our worldly belongings, Wednesday... arrived Thursday, drove back Friday, back in VA Saturday, cleaned the house Saturday, slept all day Sunday.


I'm hanging out with my friend, Mary, for the next month, in VA, while I finish work with Presidio. 
Fourth of July in the Big Apple, and then State Department - reporting for duty - July 15th.