Saturday, February 21, 2015

Woman of Leisure

I was going to title it, “Queen of Leisure Sports”, but listening to audiobooks, and staring off into space don’t really qualify as sporty.

I’ve been laying off the boob tube lately, as part of some drunken New Year’s dedication to forming new habits (I don’t recall if I specified “better” habits? …or, just new ones).  So, as I’m staring off into space, wondering if the new season of Nurse Jackie has started yet, I grab my phone and ask Siri how she might be of service to my bored self.  Together, we decide that a game of gin rummy might be a good place to start.  She’s good, y’know… Siri, at gin rummy; really a tough one to read J  …now I am an online, gin rummy addict; thanks, Siri!

Audiobooks, on the other hand, seem like a much better alternative habit; I mean, it’s almost like reading a book, but someone else is reading to you!!  Oh, how I LOVE it when someone else reads to me… it IS a far superior form of entertainment than ol’ nurse Jackie.  

I just listened to a Michael Connelly book about this LAPD detective named Bosch, read by the SUPER Sexy Titus Welliver… and guess what?!  Titus Welliver is now the lead character in a new Amazon Original Series called Bosch… and I can’t watch it!!!  Oh, but you know that I will… I’m not going to completely let go of my old friend, the idiot box, not as long as Titus is alive.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Project Meditation

I’m ringing in the New Year’s without declaring any resolutions this year, but I am determined to establish some better habits, specifically relating to my mental health.  Not that I’m feeling all that crazy, I’m just starting to realize that it might be the most important thing to emphasis for overall health… probably because I had such an amazing vacation over the holiday break, doing nothing but hanging out with people who make me feel good.  I mean, just look at this picture of me with my friend, Mary Young…
I look like I don’t have a care in the world!  It's not that I'm careless, or that I don't care about people... I just don't want to obsess about things, or have an endless train of thought running through my mind all the time.  It's definitely time to consider revisiting the fine art of quieting the mind... aka, meditation.  

I have always considered meditation to be a trendy concept, like hot yoga without all the sweat... I have tried meditation, repeatedly, with little success... it just puts me to sleep.  But, I came across a website called Project Meditation, which provides a source of meditation entertainment… now that is something I can get on board with!

Having said that, I know there are other variables affecting my mental stability, such as alcohol, and mindless distractions like watching TV, Facebook, or anything useless and time-consuming carried out on the Internet. 

So, I’ve started meditating every morning with my “meditation entertainment” and I think it’s having a huge impact on the rest of my day.  Also, alcohol, Facebook and TV time have been replaced with the Xbox; just Rocksmith so far, but I’m sure Just Dance will start making a comeback any day now. 

I know that Life is not one long vacation, but the look and feel of being on vacation... that’s the look I’m going for, built upon a solid foundation of seriously not having a care in the world.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Imagination is Way More Important than Knowledge

Peter Higgs is a theoretical physicist who imagined, back in the 60s, the existence of a sub-atomic particle at the center of our existence (aka, the God Particle).  Over 50 years later, experimental physicists confirmed the existence of that particle.

Even the most powerful microscopes cannot show this sub-atomic matter.  The only way to confirm the existence of sub-atomic particles is by colliding electrons and capturing the aftermath of that destruction. (Shown in the picture below)

What I found so incredible about this “experiment” was the scope... Biblically Huge!

CERN built a $10 billion machine that smashes electrons into one another at almost the speed of light, and employed about 4000 scientists to work on this project.

After the collision, a massive amount of data had to be analyzed!  A year and a half later, on July 4th, 2012, in the presence of Peter Higgs, CERN presented their findings.  In December 2013, Peter Higgs won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics. 

It just makes me swell with emotion to think about the magnitude of conviction, dedication, money and resources, purely in the name of scientific curiosity, to pull this off, and validate one of the most significant and profound theories of our time.